Who Is the AMA laser blasting champion?

Kids Martial Arts in Stourbridge - Academy Martial Arts

Fed up of only being able to kick and punch your fellow kickboxers?

Ever wished you could just blast them instead?

Well then here's your chance!

We are descending upon laser quest in Stourbridge on Saturday December 5th to see who can be crowned the AMA blaster champion.  We have arranged private hire of the whole facility to let 32 have a go heroes the chance to blast their way to the top.  There are 2 extended games, roughly 25 mins long each where we can charge around shooting each other in a merry fashion.

Tickets are just £15 and there are only 32 spaces.    Anyone is welcome, although players must be aged 8 and upwards.  Children must be accompanied on site with an adult.  Please book your place at reception as its a first come first go basis.


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