May Graduation

Kids Martial Arts in Stourbridge - Academy Martial Arts

The May Graduation is nearly here and we are all really excited for you!

Graduation is one of everyones' favourite time of the year.  All that hard work over the last few months, culminates into you showcasing your skills in front of your instructors, your team and very often, your loved ones as well.  Some tips for the day of graduation, are making sure that you arrive on time if not early.  A clean uniform and a winning smile also goes a long way.  Some people experience nerves on the big day too, but nerves are good as it means that our body is preparing itself to perform at its very best.  With this in mind, you can change the way that you think about nerves - don't see them as a negative but rather as a positive.

The times for graduations are:

Thursday 8th May:

Adult Positive Start 6pm, all Advanced and Elite team will be at 7pm

Saturday 10th May

Ninjas 10am, Family Positive Start 11am and all Advanced and Elite team members will be at 12pm.

The black belt only class will run on this day at 1pm.


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