Dan Woodruff Martial Arts Instructor

Dan Woodruff

Dan was always interested in martial arts from a young age, being captivated by watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films. He got involved with a local karate club for a year when he was 10 but then stopped due to injury. It was when he was 17 that he took up kickboxing and has stayed with the art ever since. Alongside his kickboxing training, Dan also took up Tae Kwon Do at the same time. He trained for 4 years and competed in many tournaments as he rose through the ranks, winning his category in the TAGB Welsh, English and British titles 3 years running. Dan began teaching in 1997 and it was in 2002 that he opened his full time school. Specialising in teaching children meant that his school grew very quickly and with Alex Reason helping, the school went from strength to strength.

Being a member of EFC meant that Dan got to network with a lot of other highly skilled martial artists and this is where the life skills programs, which are his schools’ speciality, became developed.

As a highly skilled points fighter, Dans skills have meant that over the years he has won a huge variety of titles from different organisations up and down the country.These days, Dan has shifted his focus from tournament fighting to attaining as much knowledge as possible to increase his martial arts skills further. He has traveled extensively around the UK to attend various courses and seminars and has also made several trips to the USA to learn from some of the best teachers in the world.The biggest challenge yet came when Dan set his sights on achieving his 5th Degree black belt. 5 years after completing his 4th degree, he set himself a year long series of tests to complete which he thought would be worthy of his masters award.

These included:

  • 50,000 press ups (Finally completed 57,200)
  • 50,000 sit ups (completed 52,000)
  • 1,000 rounds of sparring (completed 1,050)
  • 1,000 acts of kindness (Completed over 1,000)
  • Raise £1,000 for charity (Raised £2,300)
  • Complete a reality based self defence course (ABC Knife course)
  • Complete a personal challenge to test physical and mental limits (completed a 15 day trek to Mount Everest base camp)

Dan is a widely respected martial artist and is known not only for his high standards of teaching but for the skill of his students as well. He is an extremely motivating and inspiring person, who always encourages the people around him to do more than they thought they could.

Here are some of Dan's accomplishments through his 22 years of martial arts training:

  • WUMA Millenium Open champion 2000
  • WUMA Battle of England Champion 2001
  • WUMA British grand slam champion 2002
  • WSKA Championships 2nd place 2005
  • Battleground Championships 2006 2nd place
  • Designed the Kicking Fit Kidz program for Dudley Weight Management 2006
  • EFC award for “Outstanding Martial Arts School” 2006
  • WUMA Open International Tournament 1st place 2007
  • KTBF National Championships 1st place 2008
  • WAKO Midlands 3rd Place 2008
  • WTKA England Team member 2009
  • MAF English Championships 1st place 2009
  • WUMAA Battle of Columbus World Games 6 Champion 2009
  • Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Braulio Estima 2012
  • ABC Qualified Knife Fighting Instructor from Chris Crudelli 2013
  • Ghost Level 1 Instructor Qualification from Guro Phil Norman 2013
  • Completed 5,040 press ups in 14 hours for charity November 2013
  • 5th degree Black Belt in Kickboxing 2013
  • Diet and Nutritional Advisor Certification 2014
  • Childrens Nutritional Advisor Course 2014
  • Level 3 Apprentice Instructor for Tai Chi under Chris Crudelli August 2014
  • Born: 9/1/1975
  • Hometown: Stourbridge


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