Alex Reason Martial Arts Instructor

Alex Reason

Alex Reason is a 4th degree Black Belt in Kickboxing and the Chief Instructor at Academy Martial Arts.

As a child, Alex was in to all sports and found it easier to express himself through physical activity. Martial Arts seemed to channel his energy in the most positive way out of all the sports he tried and he got involved at the young age 6. Through his young years, Alex quickly decided he was going to become a Martial Arts Instructor and after having passed his 1st degree black belt by age 17 he was given his own class and the creative freedom to decide what to teach within that class. This led on to becoming a part-time Certified Instructor alongside working a regular 9-5 job and eventually he went on to become a Full-Time Certified Instructor at age 21 at Academy Martial Arts.

In his 14 years of coaching students of all ages, he has had the honour of training thousands of students, from absolute beginners and taking them all the way to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th degree black belt level. Alex runs the majority of classes, using not only his experience, but he is also known for his amazing energy and motivational skills within class to help students to become the best they can be. Using his knowledge, he created the new Simply Fit Fitness program that has seen ladies drop pounds of fat. He is also the choreographer for the renowned Academy Martial Arts demonstration team that has been performing at local events for the last 11 years.

In his 20+ years of Martial Arts training, Alex has entered many karate and kickboxing tournaments both locally and nationally, achieving many victories along the years. As a junior, he was a 2X Double National Champion in Kata and Kumite in Karate and has won many titles in national kickboxing tournaments, including the WSKA British Full Contact Kickboxing Champion at Super Middle Weight.

Alex's focus has now shifted from winning titles. His passion is not only in teaching others, but to continue his own personal development journey. He spends much of his time training his body and mind - from gym workouts and seminars to endless research. He has attended many courses and seminars around the country to ensure that the knowledge he gains can help his students to become not only better martial artists, but the best versions of themselves as they can be. 

Some of Alex's main accomplishments over the years include:

  • 2 X Junior Karate Kata and Kumite Champion
  • WSKA Full Contact Super Middle Weight Kickboxing Champion
  • ISKA Continuous British Champion
  • MAF British Champion
  • ProMAC Instructor Bootcamp Certification
  • Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapies
  • Advanced Diploma in Sports Injury and Massage
  • Level 2 Peak Performance Health and Fitness Qualification
  • Certified MMA Conditioning Coach from UFC Fight Trainer Kevin Kearns
  • ABC Stick Fighting Instructor
  • 4th Degree Black belt in Kickboxing


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